[RUMOR] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette To Start Production in December?


[RUMOR] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette To Start Production in December?

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Did a GM Supplier just let the cat out of the bag when it comes to Chevy’s C8 Mid-Engine Corvette plans?

A comment posted this afternoon over on the Corvette Forum says that GM will start production of the 2020 Corvette in December. The post comes from a member named “NiceRide” who joined the conversation at the forum regarding that GM Document we posted on Wednesday about 2020 Corvette Production ‘To Be Determined’.

In today’s post, “NiceRide” wrote the following:

We were (GM supplier) notified that the SOP has been moved to December.

We’ve discussed previously how easily these internet rumors get started and before we jump in the bandwagon, we always like to see if there could be any kind of truth to it. The reason we are passing along this info is that the user specifically stated he is a GM Supplier that was notified with the news, and that a December Start of Production seems to fit the timeline based on the car having been delayed due to technical issues.

Unfortunately, the track record from these kinds of rumors haven’t quite lived up to the hype. Our friend John at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com reminds us of these other rumors that were “presented as truths” which include:

That last rumor on the list was so stupid, I didn’t even bother with a rebuttal. Several days later, a bunch of C8s were spotted testing in and around San Diego.

Like the UFO poster hanging in Fox Mulder’s FBI office that says “I want to believe”, starting C8 production in December would probably mean the first customer cars would be delivered sometime in January 2020 while C7 production might continue through summer and maybe into early fall. And speaking of timelines, a reveal at the NCM Anniversary Show in late August also fits the timeline nicely, as well as a reveal at a “summertime GM stand-alone event” that has been rumored as well.

I know many of you are getting antsy with the various rumors and nary an official word from GM to boot. But in our experience, as we get closer to GM’s internal timeline, the amount of public chatter should increase sharply as more suppliers, vendors, and others are given a clearer picture of GM’s plans.

So take this rumor with a grain of salt (and a shot of tequila) and let’s check back in a few months to see if it came to fruition.


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  1. Just throwing it out there we have this little race in Indy that is covered by the entire world and most of the races are paced by a Corvette just throwing it out there that would be a great day

  2. No to the mixed production of C7 and C8, it’s too much hassle in the programming of the line in the frame shop.

  3. A C8 reveal by having the C8 as the pace car? I wouldn’t be disappointed by that.

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