[VIDEO] Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray with Visible Carbon Fiber Mirrors


[VIDEO] Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray with Visible Carbon Fiber Mirrors

Photo Credits: Jim19053 / YouTube

Talk about getting lucky and catching a view of the new Corvette.

Somehow this gentleman took a wrong turn in Bowling Green and ended up in the Corvette Assembly Plant’s employee parking lot where he found a Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray.

The car is wearing a Captured Test Fleet sticker and was properly parked with its rear end backed into a space in the Corvette parking only section.

As this guy starts his excellent walkaround video of the car, we immediately see the visible carbon fiber mirrors. They are folded in but the sun really does bring out the weave of the carbon fiber against the Rapid Blue exterior. The same goes for the visible carbon fiber roof as it helps to break up the blue color.

[VIDEO] Rapid Blue 2020 Corvette Stingray with Visible Carbon Fiber Mirrors

The carbon fiber mirrors are one of the new LPO Accessory Options for the C8. They are dealer-installed and feature a three-year/36,000-mile limited warranty.

This Stingray is a Z51 Coupe with the 3LT trim package that is outfitted with a dipped Natural Leather interior. Spectra Gray Trident wheels, black calipers, and a lip spoiler were also added.

Here’s the video from Jim19053 on YouTube:

Made a wrong turn and found this in the GM Bowling Green employee parking lot.

From the comments I’ve read here and the forums, I get the sense that people are really starting to like this color. I do like how the lighter blue contrasts with the carbon flash fascia, vents, and trim pieces. And those carbon fiber mirrors would elevate any car’s status.

Has your mind been changed in favor of the Rapid Blue exterior now that you’ve seen it more than a few times?

Jim19053 / YouTube

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  1. To each his own but that Rapid Blue does not do justice to the car’s beautiful lines. It would be my last choice.

  2. Rapid blue is absolutely terrible, along with a tan interior, carbon fiber mirrors and roof and the ugliest wheels on the planet. The complete car is disgustingly ugly the way its colored and equipped and there is nothing wrong with that.


    And you are a bulls**t because I will buy a fully loaded 2020 C8 Z51 anyway.

  4. GREAT video Jim !! Very nice close up views of this Corvette. Yes gentlemen, in my opinion the colors offered (rapid blue, zeus “whatever”) are perhaps questionable………as they say, “you don’t get a second chance, at a first impression”.

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