IMS President Doug Boles Takes Part in a Father/Son Experience at Spring Mountain


IMS President Doug Boles Takes Part in a Father/Son Experience at Spring Mountain

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When you are the president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you are used to being surrounded by young drivers who like to go fast.

For Doug Boles, this situation was a bit different because the young driver was his 16-year-old son Carter who just got his driver’s license before the two of them embarked on a trip to Pahrump, Nevada to visit the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain.

Boles shares this first person account of going to Spring Mountain with his son at and it’s a very good read.

Boles talks about the driver training his son had leading up to the Spring Mountain Adventure. While we talk about the Ron Fellows School as a place to drive Corvettes fast, it’s actually a great experience for a new driver to learn some important safety and car-handling skills that can be used in everyday driving situations.

As for his son Carter, he also penned an article for from his perspective of the high performance driving school. Like all of us that have attended the Corvette owners school, Carter became somewhat attached to driving “his” #89A Admiral Blue Corvette Stingray at the school and will tell anyone that it definitely beats his driver’s ed car back home.

You can read the full accounts of David and Carter’s visit to the Ron Fellows High Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain at AutoWeek. Want to set up your own father/son excursion to the track? Give Spring Mountain a call at 800-391-6891 or visit them at


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