[RUMOR] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Will Allegedly Hold Two Golf Bags


[RUMOR] The C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Will Allegedly Hold Two Golf Bags

Corvette owners love nothing more than to load up their cars and hit the open road. And whether that trip is to the warehouse club across town or joining one of the National Caravans for a cross-country trip to the NCM, Corvette owners know their rides have plenty of storage space to handle whatever cargo you throw at it.

Since the first hatchback version of the Corvette appeared in 1982 which offered Corvette owners much easier access to the huge storage area behind the seats, the amount of cargo space offered has been one of the sportscar’s great selling points over the years. With the C7 Corvette, Chevrolet even offered their own 5-piece custom set of Corvette-branded luggage that fits neatly in the back of the C7 coupes.

With a new Corvette on the horizon, we invariably receive feedback from Corvette owners who are concerned about the storage space that the ME-based Corvette can offer. After all, it doesn’t seem possible that the C8’s front trunk, aka the Frunk could offer the same amount of storage space as the rear cargo area of the C8.

Henry Payne of The Detroit News covered a bunch of topics regarding the C8 Corvette in an article this week and one of the points he touches on has to do with the C8’s alleged storage capacity. Payne writes the following:

The mid-engine beast may disappoint manual-gearbox customers, but it will still satisfy Corvette traditionalists by fitting two golf bags in the front truck, or “frunk.”

Unless, of course, you get the rumored hybrid model with an electric motor crowding out frunk space. Seems 1,000 horsepower comes with its sacrifices.

Last week photos of the C8 Corvette having issues at a Detroit area gas station made the news and spy photos from that event showed the C8 with the Frunk opened up. As shown in this spy photo from Motor1.com, with the engineer standing in front of the open frunk, we have a much better appreciation for the size of the front “boot” storage area. Will it be big enough to fit two sets of golf clubs? Maybe, maybe not.

There is also the rumor going around that the rear of the C8 Corvette will also offer a storage compartment and that also seems to make sense based on how the whole rear hatch appears to open up to provide access. That storage space has also been rumored to “fit a golf bag” which seems to be the key unit of measurement used by the Corvette’s design team when calculating the cargo area.

Whether you can fit two golf bags in the frunk, or if the C8 will carry one bag up front and one in the rear, it really sounds like there will be no deficiency of storage space available and Corvette owners will be able to have their cake and take it with them when they hit the open road in their C8s.


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  1. Well, even though it’s just a rumor, it’s a comforting one at least. I was really worried about how much cargo space the C8 would have. But, if it can supposedly fit two golfbags, the amount of storage might be nothing to worry about.

  2. Wow, are we not done with golf bags already??? Put your C8 on a track and have fun as intended…room for some luggage is an agreed perk!

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