[VIDEO] Watch ACS Composite Install a Set of XL Front Rock Guards on a C7 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Watch ACS Composite Install a Set of XL Front Rock Guards on a C7 Corvette Z06

Corvette owners everywhere have turned to ACS Composite for great looking aftermarket parts and accessories for their C6 and C7 Corvettes. Not only do the parts made by ACS Composite look great, but many are also designed to protect your Corvette from everyday driving maladies like rock chips and other debris that is picked up by the sticky Michelin tires.

ACS Composite released a new video last week that focuses on just such a product. Jonathan from ACS shows how the factory trim pieces are really designed to only protect the inner wheel well liner and because the Z06’s wheels actually stick outside of the wheel well, rocks have an easy path to fly off the tires and chip the paint.

The solution is ACS Composite’s C7 XL Front Wheel Rock Guards. These XL “Mud Flaps” offer nearly double the protection of the aftermarket GM mudguards as well as the ACS Composite Enhanced Front Splash Guards. Manufactured in a black ABS-PC plastic, the rock guards will withstand the impact of rocks and other road debris while protecting your Corvette.

C7 XL Front Wheel Rock Guards

The XL Front Wheel Rock Guards are sold as a pair for $279 and are available in either painted Carbon Flash (black) or Hydro Carbon Fiber.

Installing the XL Front Wheel Rock Guards can be done with just a 7mm ratchet or similar tool. The ACS Composite Rock Guards use the same mounting clip locations as the factory trim piece and so installation is a breeze.

Here is Jonathan showing the install process of the ACS Composite XL Front Rock Guards on a 2019 Corvette Z06:

Save yourself from those pesky rock chips on your C7 Corvette whether you have a Z51 Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, or the ZR1 with the ACS Composite XL Front Rock Guards. These mudflaps can be installed within minutes so you can get your Corvette ready for the road. Follow Jonathan as he gives you a rundown of how to get these splash guards on your Corvette and protect your paint!

ACS Composite

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  1. Sorry I am more than happy with the G M guards I have installed on my 2019 GS. They do their job just fine compared to the original ones and are the same color and texture of the originals. The price was not bad considering here in Canada G M really rips us on parts. Both front and back.
    Part #’s GM 22935635 G M 22935639 And yes they look great to on our Torch Red!

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