The C8 Corvette Wasn’t Revealed at NAIAS So Enjoy These New Renders Instead


The C8 Corvette Wasn't Revealed at NAIAS So Enjoy These New Renders Instead

Those rumors of a surprise reveal of the C8 mid-engine Corvette at NAIAS fell flat today with no surprise reveal nor a Corvette team member in sight anywhere on the floor at the Detroit auto show. Hardest hit was Zerv02 on the Corvette Forum who said his source has never let him down, until he did.

We won’t pile on Zerv02 too much since his original sketch did pretty much nail the C8’s interior layout. If this episode tells us anything, it’s that some people might have some info about the new car, but nobody has all the details except those on the Corvette team. I will also mention that Zerv02 has also guaranteed the starting price of the ME at $169,900 so take that with a grain of salt as well.

On a happier note, we do have some great new renders to share from the guys over at the who describe the black C8 from Chazcron as “So enticing, go gorgeous, yet not sinister.” For the record, there is nothing wrong with sinister when it comes to black Corvettes. But first up is this Chazcron rendering featuring a rear view of the 2020 Corvette in Long Beach Red.

C8 render from Chazcrom and the

C8 render from Chazcrom and the

Or do you prefer this long, low and lean render from FVS in Sebring Orange!

C8 render from Chazcrom and the

If you like these renders then check out the friendly and knowledgeable peeps at the There are now over 500 threads of C8 info and growing.


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  1. That first rendering looks very nice, especially in the red IMO. The window treatment looks Alfa to me.

  2. The headlights are missing a row of led’s…And no, the C8 will not start at $169k, but less than half of that amount according to my sources. 😉

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