New GM Patent Application Details a Power Swinging Door Option


New GM Patent Application Details a Power Swinging Door Option

The Corvette team at Chevrolet is known for its close-knit relationship with its customers and over the years they have implemented many of suggestions from owners into production. So when I heard about this new patent from GM that demonstrates the technology with a C7 Corvette, I immediately asked myself, “Ok, who requested the power doors option?”

Here’s a new patent application unearthed by our friends over at the that shows GM’s Technology Group has been working on a system they call “Vehicle with power swinging door and position-based torque compensation method.”

Translation: Power swinging doors!

Like a lot of these patent applications we’ve seen over the last few months, what they are showing us here with the C7 is new technology that MAY make its way onto the C8 platform.

Reading the opening paragraph, GM describes the components which make up a swinging door on a vehicle and because those components add weight to the door, the process of opening and closing the swinging doors can be assisted with electric motors:

“…Each of the housed components contributes additional mass to the door. Therefore, in order to facilitate opening and closing of a swinging side door, the doors may be equipped with a rotary actuator such as an electric door motor that powers the opening and closing functions. “

The patent application’s description goes on to detail how the actuator can determine if its windy out, or if the car is parked on a grade, or even if there are obstacles in the swing path of the door. The system can analyze and compensate for those additional forces on the door or obstacles in its path.

You can view or download the patent application for Vehicle with power swinging door and position-based torque compensation method.

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  1. And there you have it . . . . for the Corvette purchasing stereotypical aging demographic
    The next patent: Scooter Locator and Release Mechanism.
    Then the Easy In-n-Out Power Lift Swing Seat.
    The Vehicle-Variable-Height-Air-Compression-Rise-System.
    Oh, wait, the Autonomous All Electric 12/48V Corvette will have all these options.
    Just in time for me to use it for the NCM 2024 30th Anniversary Caravan, thank God, and God willing.

  2. As a 42 years young two-time Corvette owner it pains me to say, but in response to the author’s question–this was most likely in response to requests from Corvette owners whose advanced age has robbed them of the strength to open and close Corvette’s long heavy doors.

  3. Another bullshit idea, which makes the car even heavier than it already is! The C7 Corvettes are much heavier than the those of the 6th Generation and in the result, the C7 ZR1 has no chance against its rivals like the Porsche GT2 or a McLaren 720 though they both have less HP … but almost 200 kg less weight! Stop this bullshit and for those grandpa’s who need a power door: Please buy another car! I don’t need a “fatlady” Corvette.

  4. Another ‘BS’, I have no idea what I’m talking about but like to her myself spout off’ comment from who? Helmouth?… If you’re going to compare vehicles Helly, compare the ZR1 with another 140k car. Not one that is over 300k.

  5. Another bullshit comment Helmouth. The ZR1 is not and was never intended to rival the GT2 or the 720S. If it had, it would be mid engine, DCT, and cost nearly three times what it does. Just because it does come close to rivaling the GT2 and the 720S only shows what a good job GM has done with the C7 Corvette. Wait for the C8 if you want to make comparisons with the eurocars. Oh wait…. it will be both mid-engine, DCT, faster on the track, and still less than half the money of it’s so called rivals.

  6. +1 Helmuth. Your point is well taken regardless of price point. A YT “Brink of Speed” video complained that C7 sales were down due to aging out Corvette buyers who could no longer fit into or comfortablly drive the cars, let alone use a manual. Mention was made of a 340 pound customer who opted out! If Corvette is going to stay relevant, the car needs to lighten up not pork up. A buyer who needs electric doors or “big boy” seats, or self raising steering wheels should consider a Buick, Lincoln or stretch limo, not a Corvette. In addition, our taxes shouldn’t cover his health care!

  7. All I have to say is: REALLY? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! This just goes to prove that GM is totally out of touch with its “desired” Corvette customer base- you know, the younger crowd?

    Ironically enough, a couple of us were up at NCM just before Thanksgiving, and, like most everyone else there in the main entrance was doing in pure shock and potential horror, watched a very, very, VERY frail old man being physically and carefully assisted into his brand-new new Z06 by his grandchildren on both sides, with the intention to drive it away (which he ultimately did, albeit slowly!!) God bless the chap for marking off what is likely the last item on his bucket list, but FFS, you almost wanted to ask him where he was headed, so you can ensure you were heading the other way! (DISCLAIMER: This account was not intended to be offensive to anybody here, especially if you are the family of this lucky fella!!)

    Maybe GM had this chap in mind?

    Mr. Lutz, if you read this forum, please order your attorneys to shred this patent, and flog the engineers who thought that putting this into a Corvette was a good idea!

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