Did GM Design and Patent a New GT Emblem for the C8 Corvette?


Did GM Design and Patent a New GT Emblem for the C8 Corvette?

Thanks so much for our friend and contributor Jeremy Welborn who spotted this new patent for a GT Emblem design by General Motors. Could this GT emblem be coming for the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette?

If you read that epic post on the Corvette Forum by a user named unlimitedPower who discussed GM’s Bold Plan for the C8 Corvette, you know that one of his predictions was that in 2021 Chevrolet would reveal two variants of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette, a Grand Sport model that would take the Z06’s place in the hierarchy of Corvette Performance, and a Grand Tour model that is described as a luxury touring sports car.

Here are those relevant comments from unlimitedPower:

In 2021 GM will revolutionize the Corvette lineup. In addition to the base Corvette, two different high-end models will be introduced: Corvette Grand Tour and Corvette Grand Sport. The GT is as luxurious as if Cadillac designed it because a Cadillac team is, in fact, responsible for the GT. It’s a true GT and in addition to standard MRC it will deploy a full gamut of NVH countermeasures like acoustic glass, heavy sound deadening, and special wheels/tires, all for a cross-country tourer that with a twist of the mode dial will handle any road or even a race track. The GT will be propelled by a version of Cadillac’s 4.2L twin turbo V8 with the turbos moved to the sides, and this engine is said to be the quietest V8 GM has ever developed. Word is that GM benchmarked the Corvette GT’s NVH against German luxury tourers from Mercedes Benz and BMW. Not sports cars, tourers.

And now some of the information provided by unlimitedPower has been backed up with a patent awarded to GM in October 2018. Whether or not this GT emblem is destined for the C8 Corvette or another GM vehicle is still up for the debate.

Did GM Design and Patent a New GT Emblem for the C8 Corvette?

As far as my personal observations go, I am not so sure I like the GT moniker attached to the Corvette. The GT, or Grand Tour as it has been suggested, has more connotations in the USA as a performance model instead of a luxury touring model. But it’s the close association of GT models with Ford including the Ford GT and the Mustang GT that has me mostly saying no to having a Corvette GT in the line-up.

Back in 2007 when Chevrolet was developing the 2009 Corvette ZR1, there were strong indications that the car would end up being called a Super Sport (SS) model. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and the King of the Hill Corvette ZR1 returned. With the C8 mid-engine being a “new kind” of Corvette, I think the strong history of Corvettes wearing the Grand Sport/Z06/ZR1 badges should be retained. But I am willing to make an exemption for naming it the ZORA, which honors the Corvette’s champion of the Mid-Engine, Zora Arkus-Duntov!


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  1. I disagree. Adding a GT model is a brilliant idea. Corvette has needed a high-end Grand Tourer for years. To get a hi-lux street version now, you have to order a base model & check a bunch of (expensive) option boxes. The result is a truly outstanding car: smooth supple ride, great handling & braking. But dealers don’t order them for stock this way so most people never know how fabulous this combination is. Putting a luxury choice in the lineup is perfect for those of us who like comfort with our acceleration & handling — sort of like an American Bentley Continental GT. The majority of Corvette owners are older and never go near a racetrack. Over 50% of yearly sales are for the base model anyway, so let’s add some luxury, create a civilized world class car, raise the price, and everybody wins. A GT is such a sensible idea that I predict it will eventually become the #1 selling model.

  2. GT has been overused and yes abused. GT is a great idea. Let’s go back to the real meaning of what a GT car is supposed to be. A Grand Tour vehicle. I would think the GT version will be used to spring the Cadillac version of their mid engine car. Exciting times for car peoples. Bring on the real GT.

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