Chevrolet is Raising Prices on All Models of the 2019 Corvette


Chevrolet is Raising Prices on All Models of the 2019 Corvette

We haven’t seen a mid-year price increase for the Corvette since the first or second year of the C7, but today we learned that Chevrolet is raising prices from $405 to $2,500 on 2019 Corvettes moving forward.

Thanks for our friends at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, we have new pricing even before its been updated on Chevrolet’s website. The new base prices along with the current price and increase amount are:

Model Old Price New Price Increase
Stingray Coupe $55,495 $55,900 $405
Stingray Convertible $59,495 $60,400 $905
Stingray Z51 Coupe $60,495 $60,900 $405
Stingray Z51 Convertible $64,495 $65,400 $905
Grand Sport Coupe $65,495 $65,900 $405
Grand Sport Convertible $69,495 $70,400 $905
Z06 Coupe $79,495 $80,900 $1,405
Z06 Convertible $83,495 $85,400 $1,905
ZR1 Coupe $118,900 $120,900 $2,000
ZR1 Convertible $122,900 $125,400 $2,500

As you can see, the pricing changes affects those Corvettes more at the top of the performance pyramid than those at the bottom with $405 being the increase on the Stingray and Grand Sport coupes while the Z06 and ZR1 increased range from $1,405-$2,500. These prices above do not include $1,095 destination fee or the gas tax fees on the Z06 and ZR1.

But wait there’s more!

Chevrolet is also raising the price of the Corvette’s 8-Speed automatic paddle-shift transmission. The transmission is currently priced at $1,725 and will increase to $1,995. With 80% of Corvettes sold having the 8-speed auto, that RPO price increase will surely raise a bunch of dough as well.

Kerbeck tells us that the new Corvette prices only affects cars invoiced from this point on. Corvettes that currently available at dealers will not see the price increase and customers with Sold orders that are invoiced after today will also be price protected. See your Chevrolet dealers for any questions or concerns you may have.

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  1. I have been a GM customer all my old life, they never cease to amaze me! Nothing like biting your self in the ass just after so many people have nothing but hatred and contempt for them for their latest business practices! Further more Auto or stick should be the same price as it was when I bought my first Vette in 71!

  2. So they can offer bigger discounts on the large unsold inventory when the C8 arrives whenever.

  3. To raise prices on a car that is experiencing the lowest sales volume since the model was introduced, even with huge incentives, is just plain ludicrous.

    It’s no wonder that GM is in trouble!

  4. 1971, Cars were simple, nothing much to do with electronics or technology, transmission went from simple three speeds to four or five with no computer engagement and everything else that is new today

  5. In the grand skeim of price increases I think a price increase of basically $1,500.00 on a Z06 and $2,500.00 on a ZR1 is modest grazing on cars that all exceed 100k$. Since I’m not a new car buyer, but a bargain seeker in the pre owned market I’ll never pay the increase anyway. I like them ZR1’s at 2/5 years of age. Suits my budget just fine!!!

  6. Some thoughts…

    The initial announcement of higher prices will push some people off the fence to buy in-stock units now.

    GM will eventually start putting more money on the table to move cars when the C8 gets closer to production. This also moves cars, but if they have raised the prices, the amount of discount on the higher prices nets more for GM than if they had not raised prices.

    GM likely wants to make the C8 look like a bargain when compared with C7 prices when it is released. Raising the C7 prices now helps them better accomplish this goal.

  7. As usual another General Motors foolish decision. The 18 is not selling, the 19 will drop in value like a rock. They are closing factories laying off thousands and never paid back our money. With the loss of wealth in the world due to rising interest rates and financial markets instability they will dearly pay for this.

  8. Saw recently where most car companies are having an inventory problem which is blamed on a variety of reasons, so Rudy has a good point to consider. In any event, a $405 increase on the bread and butter models is less than one per cent, but perceptions are powerful.

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