[SPIED] More C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Testing in Colorado


[SPIED] More C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes Testing in Colorado

TFLcar recently caught up to a group of C8 Mid-Engine Corvettes testing in Colorado and posted a video of the encounter this weekend on YouTube.

The ME Corvette prototypes here in the States that are driving on public roads are still utilizing the black canvas camouflage and this group of 2020 C8s was well covered.

The Corvettes are parked in a hotel parking lot and TFFcar.com captures the sound of a 2020 Corvette as it idles. A security guard then approaches and asks TFL to put away the camera. He refuses by saying they are in public and he has a right to film. The security guard tags along and does his thing by moving to stay in front of the camera.

In addition to the group of C8 Corvettes on the ground, a black high-wing ZR1 and a very dirty Camaro was parked next to the group.

No new ground is broken here, nor do we learn anything other than the Chevrolet’s hired security guards are very polite. In fact, the only crime committed here is the camera operator filming in PORTRAIT mode. Really?

Still, it’s good to see that the Mid-Engine Corvettes are continuing to be tested and refined as these are the first sightings of the car here in the States since the C8 ditched its covers for testing on the Nurburgring.

TFLcar / YouTube

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  1. Does anyone within this august body know if the C8 will offer blind zone alert and rear cross traffic alert?

  2. Hi Larry. There are four sensors on the rear fascia of the C8s so I would have to believe that’s the case. This video isn’t the greatest, but you can see the four sensor areas on the rear where the camo is missing when he walks up to the back of the first car.

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