[PIC] New C8 Corvette Render From FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum


[PIC] New C8 Render From FVS and the Mid Engine Corvette Forum

Our friend FVS (stands for First Vette Soon) has been creating many of the C8 Mid Engine Corvette renders we’ve shared recently including this yellow version based on the C8.R spy pics that came up earlier this month. Over the weekend, he presented an updated view of the rear of the car using design cues spotted in the SportsCar365 pics.

The new render was posted at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and quickly incorporated into the site’s header image. Here is some of the info behind the latest design.


Photo Credit: sportscar365.com

The Sportscar365 pics clearly show a pair of vents on the side of the C8’s rear deck and FVS says he utilized the rear deck from the McLaren MP4-12C due to its similar design both as a coupe and convertible.

He also thinks the rear spoiler may be built into the rear fascia “with a possible blown design reminiscent of the [Ferrari] 488” but not quite sure it will incorporate an active aero system.

Here is what VFS says about it:

This is rendering is only an approximation of the actual car. Many details remain unknown. As John said, the rear deck can only be guessed at from what we know so far. The McLaren mp12 (MP4-12C) seems to have a similar design in both coupe and spider form as we can see and guess from the spy pics.

The rear “spoiler” looks to be a built-in unit with a possible blown design reminiscent of the 488. May or may not be active. There is a suggestion of light coming from under the spoiler that makes me wonder about this.

The rear lights will no doubt be different and more interesting. I simply used the familiar C7 style suggesting as a do-me-til.

I hope we get a little more information and sneak peek of the rear deck and spoiler area soon. I think we will see a very refined recessed spoiler This car looks to have some very nice sculptural lines. Aggressive but pleasing.

Of course, the real car will be much more refined and dynamic but this at least gives an idea of the stance, and features positioned and proportioned like the 360 pics.

We really like this design with those rear vents and the window that offers a view of the V8 as it really gives the C8 that exotic sports car look it deserves. As details for the new Corvette continue to be clarified and refined by Corvette enthusiasts like FVS, we are hearing from more and more from fans who are are really starting to get excited about the 2020 Corvette.

The Mid-Engine Corvette Forum
As our readers may know, we have joined up with several knowledgeable Corvette enthusiasts to create the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com and currently, more than 1,300 people have joined! There is some great insight on the next-generation Corvette being provided over there and you could spend a day reading the past and current ME news, checking out various design renders, or just hanging out with like-minded fans like yourself! Come visit the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com today!


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