[VIDEO] Take a Deep Dive into Buying Salvage Corvettes with a Submerged C6 ZR1


[VIDEO] Take a Deep Dive into Buying Salvage Corvettes with a Submerged C6 ZR1

Ever thought about buying a salvage Corvette or one with a rebuildable title from one of those insurance websites? Wrecked or otherwise damaged Corvette are sometimes offered at ridiculously low prices, but it’s only after you get it home that you’ll learn how much money it’s going to take to make it street worthy.

I came across this YouTube channel by Samcrac who has made some videos of his adventures with buying cars through the Copart auction website. His daily driver is a 2011 Corvette Grand Sport that he purchased at a salvage auction so he appears to know what he is talking about. In one of his latest videos, a friend asks him to check out an auction for a flood-damaged 2010 Corvette ZR1 that was being offered for sale.

Samcrac goes through the Copart website listing, reviewing the description and photos and showing some of the details that he looks for. He learns later that his friend didn’t win the auction at Copart, but the person who did win it is now offering the Corvette ZR1 for sale on eBay.

That piece of news then leads Sam to eBay as well as another auction resource website as he works to get a complete picture of this Corvette ZR1 offered for sale.

We’re not sure that buying salvage Corvettes is something in our future, but for those that may be so inclined, there is some good advice and great tips here for the salvage Corvette buyer from a fellow Corvette owner who buys salvage and rebuildable cars.

Samcrac / YouTube

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  1. It is all grins and giggles until you take your work of art to the dealer to trade in. Yes, even you will tire of your trash yard treasure. lessee, the money you put it, you valued your labor as free, and still the dealer bent you over and had his way with you. BTDT. buy new or used, but never with a branded or salvaged title, nor with a GM-branded competition car, with no warranty, ever!

  2. ….a corvette overflowed….i would take the risk…..you know why…. it happend to me and i found out u.s cars can manage water. It wil take a lot off work ofcorse but you do it your self and in the main time you learn to know your car . IT IS A HELL OFF A LOT OF WORK, but you wil drive a vette for peanuts……and you know what….?…resale price is not inportant….it is your sweat yor tears ( of joy) it is your car and you are not going to sell it annyway….you are a car guy and you do not sell …you at to the collection….

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