[PICS] No Love for this C6 Corvette ZR1


[PICS] No Love for this C6 Corvette ZR1

These photos of this rode hard C6 Corvette ZR1 will make you cringe. This is not how you treat a $100,000+ Corvette!

A reader on the Corvette Forum shared these pics of the C6 Blue Devil looking a bit worse for wear. No front splitter, a large crack in the front bumper and a hood that is showing severe fading. Even the fender liners and wheel wells look to have severe sun damage.

And as for that cherry on top, that would most likely be a parking ticket that is tucked under that windshield wiper as multiple chalk marks on the tire and pavement are a tell-tale sign that the parking police want that car moved!

[PICS] No Love for this C6 Corvette ZR1

In case you think that that car may have been stolen and dumped, the OP throws cold water on that theory as well: “No not stolen..the owner lives around here.. I’ve seen it parked around here before..it just looks really bad now.”

We’ve written previously that prices on the C6 Corvette ZR1 have dropped noticeably since the Corvette Z06 arrived on the scene, with bargain-basement prices falling to the mid-$50K range.

[PICS] No Love for this C6 Corvette ZR1

However, with all that cosmetic damage in plain view, it makes you wonder what else may be wrong with the car that you can’t see.

As one forum user writes, “Terrible. It’s his car and he can beat the sh*t out of it if he wants…but it doesn’t make it right. He should just go buy a Subaru or something…”

[PICS] No Love for this C6 Corvette ZR1

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  1. Well I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. Let’s start with a few questions here – Where is this car located? It appears to be an area that has a lot of sun and heat – but I could be wrong – it looks like it is near the ocean. Is that why the paint on the hood has faded? How come the paint on the hood has faded but not the rest of the car on the top? Poor paint job from manufacturing? It is kinda weird since we are told that the hood, doors, and other panels are painted on a rack at the factory.
    How do the wheel wells and fender liners get severe sun damage? Is the sun reflecting off of the pavement or driveway to damage those areas?
    The crack in the front end. Could it be that someone backed into the car in such a way to crack the front?
    Front splitter missing. Maybe the car in this area (state or city etc) has many driveways that keep hitting the splitter so it got wiped out.
    I used to own a 73 TransAm which had front spoiler and rear spoiler. Just parking the car I hit the front spoiler and damaged it a couple of times due to the so called cement parking stops. After buying and replacing the front spoiler a number of times I realized that I could no longer pull into a parking spot with the front end first. So after the expense of replacing the spoiler a few times, I backed into every parking spot.
    From what I can see in the pictures does not tell me that the car has been abused, but probably has been enjoyed. Isn’t that what makes owning a corvette the best – to be able to drive and enjoy it. I am currently getting my 69 corvette back on the road after it being off of the road since 1985. Will it be perfect – no – but I plan on driving it and enjoying it again as I did from 1979 to 1985. Am I restoring it – not in the sense that it will be all original even though it is a numbers matching car. On the contrary, back in the 80’s I replaced the plywood seats (originals) with Recaro’s, I replaced the shifter with a hurst. Now, I have modified the engine and have put fuel injection on it. It has modern side mirrors (C6) and wider tires than came with it back in 69. I plan on enjoying driving the car, instead of putting it on a trailer and bringing it to shows.
    So as far as the above C6 goes, the only thing that looks really bad is the hood and I wonder why the hood is so faded. Everytime I have seen faded paint – it has been due to a bad paint job.
    If this car was for sale – I would look it over carefully. It may end up being a bargain to purchase. It may also require a lot of work to fix or it may just need a paint job. Now a paint job for those who cannot do it themselves, will probably cost a lot of money. But for those who know how to paint a fiberglass car, the cost of materials and time is the cost.

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