[PICS] Oliver Gavin and his Corvette Z06 Travel to Le Mans for Test Day


[PICS] Oliver Gavin and his Corvette Z06 Travel to Le Mans for Test Day

Photo Credit: Oliver Gavin / Twitter

As a member of the Corvette Racing team, Englishman Oliver Gavin would normally catch a transatlantic flight from the U.K. into the U.S. for the race weekend. But once a year when the attention turns to the French summer classic at Le Mans, it’s the one race where Oliver has the opportunity to drive to it.

As a European brand ambassador for Chevrolet, Oliver promotes the brand with some help from his Admiral Blue Corvette Z06. So on Friday, Oliver packed up for the weekend test at Le Mans, strapped his bike to the roof (really!) and headed for France.

First up, he picked up a friend:

From London’s west side, Ollie headed down to the Eurotunnel for the 35 minute crossing of the channel to France. In the next photo, Oliver’s Corvette finds a Hummer on his tail. And is that No.64 C7.R driver Tommy Milner riding shotgun?

And finally, Oliver and his Corvette Z06 reach Corvette Racing’s chateau at Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France for Sunday’s official 8-hour test session:

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Oliver Gavin / Twitter

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