[VIDEO] A Walk Around the 2011 Corvette Z06X Track-Ready Concept


[VIDEO] Walk Around the 2011 Corvette Z06X Track-Ready Concept

When Chevrolet introduced the 2011 Corvette Z06X at last fall’s SEMA show, we said at the time that Chevy had created one of the most exciting concepts to date. After seeing and hearing the Z06X Concept up close and personal at last month’s Twelve Hours of Sebring, it reaffirmed our call for Chevrolet to build it.

Chevy created the track ready concept to show what can be done utilizing GM Performance Parts. Teaming up with Corvette Racing partner Pratt & Miller, a 1LZ Z06 was stripped down and then optioned up with the Z07 performance package and the CFZ carbon fiber package. Other carbon fiber parts include the ZR1’s roof and b-pillars and the Z06 Carbon Edition’s raised hood. The radio, carpeting and sound-deadening materials were removed, along with the passenger seat.

Competition-themed parts were then added to create the Z06X: An adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, polycarbonate rear window, racing seat with safety harness and a full roll cage with camera mount. Other enhancements included Pfadt’s adjustable coil-over struts and stabilizer bars, racing wheels and Genuine Corvette Accessories (GCA) racing pedals.

Finally, a low gloss Icy White Metallic paint covers the concept and one of our favorite appearance features, the black tail, completes the look.

Here is a walk-around video of the Corvette Z06X race-ready concept from Sebring. Being in the right place at the right time, we were able to capture the Corvette running as they were pulling it into the Corvette Corral for Saturday’s display:

We hope that members of the Corvette Team continue to ask Corvette owners their thoughts on whether the automaker should offer the turn-key racer. Our vote is a resounding yes!

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  1. omg! please, please, please! build this car, its amazing I’ve never heard something so beastly. this car needs to be produced.

  2. I like the looks and sounds of the C6 corvettes and hope to own one some day. I’m finding it hard to believe that GM could sell enough of these so called “track ready” corvettes to earn a return on their investment, especially with corvette sales barely 12000 or so each year.

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