[ACCIDENT] People Can’t Stop Crashing into this Military Surplus Store in Virginia


People Can't Stop Crashing into this Military Surplus Store in Virginia

Photo Credits: Laura Friedman

A C4 Corvette driver proved to be unlucky Tuesday when his car was sideswiped, causing it to crash into the side of a store in Norfolk, Va.

But his misfortune is nothing compared to that suffered by the brother-sister owners of that business, a military surplus store known as M&G Sales.

Laura Friedman and her brother Larry hadn’t even been able to repair the damage done in October when an SUV in the middle lane of three-lane, one-way 27th Street tried to switch to the left and forced a Volvo sedan straight into their building, causing extensive structural damage.

Friedman posted news of the latest crash on her Facebook page Tuesday, saying: “It just happened again. We haven’t even fixed the last damage from the last accident.”

Looking on the bright side, at least they won’t have to repair the repair again!

Still, M&G is hoping for some help from the city to prevent future accidents, but so far they’ve been ignored in their efforts to put steel poles outside to keep errant cars out of their store.

“Installation of protective bollards is only done after all other crash mitigation measures have been exhausted,” a city transportation official said in December.

“Stationary bollards can be a hazard … and should be considered as a last resort.”

The city has taken other measures, installing signs warning drivers as they approach Granby Street and updating the traffic signals at the intersection.

The Friedmans, whose family has run the store since the 1940s, hope Tuesday’s crash might change the city’s mind. “What if someone was strolling by with a baby right then?” Laura said. “We’re like sitting ducks.”

It’s not like the two accidents are rare for M&G. Larry noted that it once happened three times in one day!

[ACCIDENT] People Can't Stop Crashing into this Military Surplus Store in Virginia

In fact, accidents happened so frequently that they even took the drastic measure of replacing a wall of windows with brick.

While they’re mulling over their string of bad luck, the Friedmans are trying to look on the bright side, noting that the October crash dislodged a box that contained several old military uniforms a man dropped off in 1991, many of which are rare or one of a kind, including a nylon flight suit and an experimental flight jacket. They also found a World War II-era Marine’s canteen made of Ethocel, a precursor to plastic, as well as some ornate velvet fez caps.

“In all of our bad luck,” Laura says, “we’ve been pretty lucky. (The crash) could’ve collapsed the whole store … So we’re lucky.”


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