[PIC] Governor Cuomo Celebrates His 60th Birthday with a Cake Resembling His 1975 Corvette


[PIC] Governor Cuomo Celebrates 60th Birthday with a Cake Resembling his 1975 Corvette

Photo Credit: Nick Reisman / Twitter

In the immortal words of Mel Brooks…”It’s good to be the Gov!”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is no stranger to this blog as he is the owner of a 1975 Bright Blue Corvette that he purchased for $4,750 while in college. The car is still a driver and he occasionally will drive it to a car show as we noted back in 2011.

On Thursday evening, a 60th birthday party/fundraiser was held for Cuomo. We later came across this picture on twitter showing the Governor’s birthday cake which resembled his blue 1975 Corvette:

I’d ask the server for a slice of the birdcage, just to see the confusion on their face, lol.

Nick Reisman / Twitter

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