[VIDEO] Corvette Driver Escapes from Police as High-Speed Chase is Captured by Helicopter


[VIDEO] Corvette Driver Escapes from Police as High-Speed Chase is Captured by Helicopter

Check out this crazy video taken from a helicopter as a Torch Red C7 Corvette weaves its way in and out of traffic last Tuesday night (Nov. 21), narrowly avoiding a head-on collision at one point.

It looks like a video game!

The Volusia County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office is still looking for the suspect, but they believe items left behind in the Corvette, including dry cleaning receipts, could help identify him.

The video shows the Corvette weaving dangerously, driving at high speeds, running through intersections, driving on the wrong side of the road to pass heavy traffic in front of him, “doing a Rockford” at one point to head in a different direction at an intersection, and using the shoulder of the road to bypass other cars before finally heading into a Port Orange apartment complex.

Heading south on Clyde Morris Boulevard, the suspect nearly t-bones another vehicle, then goes onto I-95 and knocks down traffic cones in a construction zone. He eventually exists on Dunlawton Avenue in Port Orange before making his escape.

The video, which switches to a heat sensor mode near the end, shows the suspect running away from the Corvette and into the woods, but the camera can’t locate him.

Lawmen say they found a gun in the Corvette, a rental they believe was being used for criminal purposes.

WESH 2 News posted this one minute chase clip on their facebook page. You can see the entire 3 minute chase video at WESH.com.


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