[VIDEO] Ohio Police Use Cruiser to Stop Wrong Way Corvette Driver


[VIDEO] Ohio Police Use Cruiser to Stop Wrong Way Corvette Driver

Check out this terrifying dash-cam video that shows the ultimate solution to a Corvette driver headed in the wrong direction on an Ohio interstate around noon last Thursday.

Several 911 callers had spotted the Corvette near the Fulton Road exit, and this video, captured through the windshield of the car driven by a trooper with the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Canton post, shows the Corvette headed north in the southbound emergency lane of I-77 near the Portage Street NW exit and then bumping into the strategically placed patrol car, with the picture visibly shaking at the moment of impact.

Throughout the video, as the Corvette driver gets out of the car and is placed under arrest, traffic continues to whiz past, including 18-wheelers, showing just how dangerous the situation was.

As the video begins, the Corvette driver can be seen passing another trooper in a separate patrol car who was apparently stopped and blocking traffic in the fast lane.

That trooper then backs up to assist after the collision, and the two lawmen quickly apprehend the driver of the red C6 convertible, placing him in handcuffs as the camera continues to roll.

The name of the Corvette driver has not been released, but news reports say he was a 62-year-old North Canton man and has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired, reckless operation, divided roadways and not wearing a seat belt.

Fortunately, the trooper wasn’t injured in the crash, but the motorist was treated for minor injuries at Aultman Hospital.

We’re not sure how fast the 2011 Corvette was going at the time of impact, but both vehicles wound up having to be towed from the scene.


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