[VIDEO] 2018 Corvette ZR1 Convertible Crashes Autoblog’s Facebook Live Broadcast


[VIDEO] 2018 Corvette ZR1 Convertible Crashes Autoblog's Facebook Live Broadcast

Talk about a change in conversation!

Autoblog’s Reese Counts was doing one of the site’s weekly facebook live videos and was in the middle of reviewing a 2017 Nissan Titan XD pickup when a 2018 Corvette ZR1 Convertible prototype entered the conversation.

The ZR1 Convertible was cruising with its top down on Woodward Avenue just south of Pontiac. Reese was well into his discussion on the Titan XD towing capabilities when he glanced into his reaview mirror and then looked at the camera and said “Oh, real quick guys, side note…if you look over to our left, there’s a Corvette ZR1 convertible prototype driving by”.

The Facebook live video showing the ZR1 photo bombing the truck review is below, skip to 6:30 to see ZR1 segment.

Here’s Reese describing the encounter:

The driver was simply cruising up Woodward without a care in the world. I caught him in the Titan’s mirror coming up on my left. Most of the time, the drivers behind the wheel of these prototypes will try to avoid you if they see you taking photos or video. This guy either didn’t see us or didn’t care. Maybe he was just trying to show the car off ahead of this weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise.

Unfortunately, the camera never does really get a good close-up look at the Convertible prototype and after a couple of minutes the ZR1 is moving through traffic ahead and the conversation returns to the Nissan review.

Autoblog / Facebook

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  1. Sorry dude, but the ZR-1 will reportedly have more than 800 hp due to the Hellcat’s hp. We can’t have a mopar with more power than a vette!

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