[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Discovered in an Old Canadian Barn


[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Discovered in an Old Canadian Barn

It didn’t look like much on the outside, with weathered wood and rusty tin, but the inside of this old shed in Canada held quite the hidden treasure.

In fact, it might be one of the most interesting barn finds you’d ever want to see.

A 1958 Corvette convertible had been stowed away inside, apparently for 43 years, according to this post on powernationtv.com.

Nearby in the woods sat the deteriorating remains of an old farmhouse, with its wood siding slowly rotting away as weather takes its toll.

[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Discovered in an Old Canadian Barn

Watch out for snakes, and we’re not talking about Cobras!

This Corvette hasn’t been touched since 1973, the last license plate from Ontario still in place.

The “heart of the beast,” a 283 engine, still rests under the hood, though it’s showing the ravages of time.

Inside, generations of raccoons and squirrels have likewise made a mess of the old girl, but actually it’s in pretty good shape all things considered.

“What I find amazing about this – if I don’t kill myself,” the narrator says as he stumbles in the shed, “is the dash. Is that gorgeous, or is that gorgeous?”

The gauges, though they could use some work, are still in place.

[VIDEO] 1958 Corvette Discovered in an Old Canadian Barn

They can’t get into the locked trunk, but the narrator figures there’s bound to be something interesting in there.

Pretty amazing little piece of history here, he says. “I can’t believe somebody would drive this down here, park it and forget about it. Actually I can understand forgetting about it,” he concludes.

We’d love to know the back story on this find. Maybe it’ll all come out in years to come.


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