[VIDEO] Green Bay Packers QB Brett Hundley Throws a Football Through a Corvette’s Window


[VIDEO] Green Bay Packers Backup QB Hundly Throws a Football through a Corvette's Window

Photo Credit: IndyCar.com

If you’ve ever wondered how NFL quarterbacks are able to connect so seamlessly with receivers on those long touchdown routes, then take a look at this video.

Last month, Green Bay Packers 24-year-old reserve quarterback Brett Hundley showed off his accuracy with his throws in the most unlikely of places – Road Atlanta.

Hundley was at the track as part of a weekend-long VIP experience for the Kohler Grand Prix. He started the fun with a tour of the Team Penske garage from driver Will Power (don’t you just love that name?) and earned respect for the talent of the competitors after a ridealong with racing legend Mario Andretti.

That’s when Hundley decided to mix up the two sports – sort of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup trick where he got football on their racing, and they got racing on his football, you might say!

[VIDEO] Green Bay Packers Backup QB Hundly Throws a Football through a Corvette's Window

Hundley decided to try and throw a football through the window of a Corvette pace car moving around the track – and from a pretty good distance away, too!

His first attempt was errant, as was an ensuing try by Power.

On his second go-around, though, Hundley threaded the needle, with the football passing through the passenger side window and right into the passenger seat, without even hitting driver Bill Swoboda!

“I was a pace car receiver, trying to catch the ball, and we did it,” Swoboda told IndyCar. “I knew I was going to get pegged off but as it turned out, the way the ball landed, it hit the left side of the seat, bounced and landed right on the seat. Never even touched me. I love him! He’s awesome!”


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