[ACCIDENT] Seattle Seahawks RB Fred Jackson Crashes His Corvette Z06


Things seem to be getting worse for the Seattle Seahawks by the day.

Sunday, the 2-4 Seahawks lost to the surging and unbeaten Carolina Panthers.

Tuesday, Seattle running back Fred Jackson crashed his black 2016 Corvette Z06 into a stop sign near the team’s practice facility in Renton, Wash.

Some in the media earlier reported that Jackson was drag racing teammate Marshawn Lynch at the time, but Renton police said today there is no indication Jackson was racing and that he simply lost control of the car.

“There is no evidence he was drag racing anyone,” Renton police spokesman David Leibman said to the Seattle Times. “He was leaving the facility, and he was clearly driving too fast when he hit a street sign.”

TMZ backed off its reports about the drag racing but added this update to its story:

Law enforcement tells TMZ at this point in their investigation, there is nothing to indicate a drag race. However, our witnesses insist both cars were driving at a VERY high rate of speed. We’re told the responding officer gave team personnel permission to take Jackson and evaluate him.

Jackson didn’t get hurt in the crash, though he was checked out by team personnel after being taken to the practice facility. Reports say the Corvette sustained “moderate front end damage.”

[ACCIDENT] Seattle Seahawks RB Fred Jackson Crashes His Corvette Z06
Photo Credit: Jason Hellervik

[ACCIDENT] Seattle Seahawks RB Fred Jackson Crashes His Corvette Z06
Photo Credit: The Sacramento Bee

Jackson was driving the Corvette southbound on Seahawks Way at the time of the accident, which ended with the car resting on the north side of Lake Washington Boulevard.

It was good to hear Jackson was cooperative with police and remained at the scene until he could be interviewed by authorities.

Jackson also tweeted the following:

Here is the news report from Fox61.com:


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