Chevrolet Raises Pricing of all 2018 Corvette Models a Mere $50


Chevrolet Raises Pricing of 2018 Corvette Models a Mere $50

Chevrolet continues in the tradition of providing the best value for the performance with the Corvette and now we have the latest offerings for the 2018 model year. Each year the Corvette Team provides more ways to customize America’s favorite sports car so owners can set up their rides exactly how they want and the latest info continues that tradition.

Along with providing the information about the 2018 Corvettes in the official Corvette Order Guide, preliminary pricing for each of the models was also announced.

I’m not sure the last time that model pricing was announced before the bash, although the 2014 Corvette’s MSRP was announced the day of the Bash back in 2013. But looking through yesterday’s announcement of the 2018 Corvette Carbon 65 Edition was a fact sheet with the MSRP for each of the three models for 2018: Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06. The good news? Pricing is being increased by just $50 for each model.

2018 Corvette Stingray:

  • $55,495 – Coupe
  • $59,495 – Convertible

2018 Corvette Grand Sport:

  • $65,495 – Coupe
  • $69,495 – Convertible

2018 Corvette Z06:

  • $79,495 – Coupe
  • $83,495 – Convertible

*$995 Destination fee not included.

This is just the preliminary model pricing and we will still have to wait to see if the individual trim packages will remain steady as well.

The 2018 Carbon 65 package is priced at $15,000 (compare that to the 2016 Z06 C7.R Edition with an RPO cost of $23,055) and requires a 3LT or 3LZ trim package. Based on 2017 trim prices, the Grand Sport Carbon 65 Edition Coupe will start in the neighborhood of $90,200 while a Carbon 65 Z06 Convertible would start around $107,400 (prices do not include the $995 destination fee).

I have read some negative posts on the forums and social media in regards to the changes for 2018 being offered and that’s par for the course. Are you people ever satisfied, lol? While it’s easy to deride lack of horsepower or other major engineering changes to the C7 line-up, those of us that follow Corvette realize that 2018 is more about transitioning the production facility for the next great run. With the plant closing for three months in the middle of 2018 production to perform upgrades along with the new paint shop coming online, there is a lot happening in Bowling Green.

The other point is that the Corvette Order Guide only reflects what has been announced at the time of publication. Just because the 2018 Corvette ZR1 isn’t listed doesn’t mean it’s not coming later in the model year. How many times have we seen GM offer something special in the middle of the year that no one saw coming? More than we can count. So again, stay tuned because there could always be something new coming around the bend.


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  1. I’d like to see “fire Engine Red” as a 2018 Corvette color. Torch Red looks orange in the sunlight. Any body agree?

  2. Totally agree that Torch Red is awful. Too much orange. Should bring back the red it used to be, more like Ferrari red. Don’t like current yellow, either — looks like a Yellow taxicab. Ugly.

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