[VIDEO] Chevrolet Introduces the LT376/535 Crate Engine at SEMA 2016

[VIDEO] Chevrolet Introduces the LT376/535 Crate Engine at SEMA 2016

Hot rod and restomod builders have long known the value and benefits of using LS-based engines in their builds. Now they have a new choice as Chevrolet Performance has introduced a new high-performance crate engine based on the LT-family of Gen 5 V8s during the 2016 SEMA Show.

The new crate motor is dubbed the LT376/535 which gives you an idea of both the displacement of the new engine as well as the horsepower.

The LT376 features CNC-ported heads and high-lift LT1 “hot cam” to deliver 535 horsepower in a naturally-aspirated package. The LT engine, which features direct injection, enables higher compression which translates into raw horsepower. The redline on the LT376 is 6,800 rpms and according to those we’ve talked with, this engine loves to rev!

The engine is expected in first quarter 2017 and has the Chevrolet Performance Parts number of P/N 19355378. That will get you the inclusive crate engine kit and includes a production intake manifold, throttle body assembly, ignition coils, water pump, balancer and more.

We talked with Chevrolet Performance Rep Blake Nye who told us that headers are the key for reaching the 535 horsepower. You can see and hear more about Chevolet’s LT376/535 crate engine in this video from SEMA 2016:

The LT376/535 crate motor from Chevrolet Performance is also part of the “Connect & Cruise” line-up which offers the crate engine, transmission, controllers and other hardware as a comprehensive package, taking the the guesswork out of selecting individual parts. And because all parts were matched by Chevrolet engineers, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that factory-engineered performance is at the heart of your hotrod or restomod build.

The MSRP for the LT376/535 crate engine is $13,750 and as mentioned, will be available to order from your local Chevrolet parts counter in early next year.

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