C7 Corvette, Camaro Make Consumer Reports Recommended List for 2016


C7 Corvette, Camaro Make Consumer Reports Recommended List for 2016

Chevrolet’s two sports cars – the Corvette and Camaro – have just made it onto the Consumer Reports “Recommended” list for 2016.

Maybe the honor will help boost sales of the two cars, which have been declining in the past few weeks.

The two Chevys apparently made the cut because of their much-improved reliability in the latest Automotive Reliability Survey results.

The latest honor is just one of many feathers in the cap of the widely lauded Consumer Reports via GMAuthority.com

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  1. I just bought a 16 ZO6 conv new. Had 2 other vetted 72 and 89. And 3 Porches including the one I traded for the the ZO6. It was a Turbo S cab. This new vette is the best of the bunch. For real!!!

  2. My first Corvette was a 1966, 300 HP, white convertible 4 speed while serving in the Air Force. My Corvette enthusiasm began earlier in the sixties while watching the old black and white TV show Route 66. If your not familiar with is old TV series they drove a white Corvette. Since then I have owned a 1968, 1970, 1975, 1982, 1988, a 2014 and currently a 2016 Blade Silver Metallic coupe Z 51 with 460 HP, what a ride the C-7’s are and what a great car!

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