[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Owner Uses the PDR to Record Valet Driving Recklessly


[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Owner Uses PDR to Record Valet Driving Recklessly

Ever since the parking lot valets in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off took a classic Ferrari for a wild joy ride through the streets of Chicago, we’ve been nervous about leaving an expensive car in a parking garage.

To make ourselves feel better, we have always tried to tell ourselves that it was just a movie and that real valets are professionals and would never do anything like that.

Now we may have to rethink that philosophy.

Devin Metters, who has a very nice Arctic White Corvette Z06 that cost around $100,000, is justifiably upset over the way the valets treated his car during a recent visit to a parking garage in Woodlands, Texas.

And he has proof. After he dropped the car off, thinking it would be parked in a safe spot while he was away, Metters was smart enough to turn on the Performance Data and Video Recorder (PDR) in the valet mode, which captured exactly what was going on while the Z06 was out of his sight.

What Metters found when he watched the replay was upsetting, to say the least.

The valet at one point punched the car to 31 mph, which doesn’t sound fast compared to the car’s top speed of nearly 200 mph, but inside a small parking garage, that was definitely reckless, since the recommended top speed inside is just 5 mph.

[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Owner Uses PDR to Record Valet Driving Recklessly

The employee of SP Plus Valet Service also was captured on video trying to do a burnout at the encouragement of his fellow employees there.

Metters says he would like to see better training for the valets to make them aware of how dangerous their stunt was. He’s just glad nothing happened to any innocent pedestrian walking through the garage or someone backing out of a parking space, and that his Z06 is apparently safe and sound, no thanks to this valet.

As for SP Plus, they told Fox 26 News that employees often drive cars between garages to make it more convenient for owners picking up their vehicles, a claim that Metters is hesitant to believe because the garages are right next to each other.

SP Plus says the matter is still under investigation.

It’s obviously just a case of a young valet who wanted to have a little fun in a car he likely will never be able to afford.

We’d recommend to any Corvette owners worried about the safety of their cars (which is probably 99.9 percent of us), just do a little extra walking and park the car yourself and avoid situations like this.


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  1. In the C4 ZR1s valet mode cut power to about 210HP. In the C7s I believe it just locks the glove box (no access to the SD card) & console & trunk or hatch, disables the radio, disables remote start and a few other minor things. I have to check my manual to see if the pdr starts every time the valet mode is on. When driving in the normal mode the pdr must be actIivated every time the car is started.
    Sorry, bit who in their right mind lets anyone (especially a valet) take his new ZO6 and drive it to a parking spot that’s out of his sight. Plus he must do it quite often because he suspected they did this in the past. The younger generation does not know how the employees of a dealership used to commonly take high performance cars in for service out and flog the chit out of them.
    If you don’t have me covered with a firearm you’re not driving my Vettes. Sorry but no sorrow for this guy.

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