[VIDEO] Valet Who Drove a Corvette to 50 MPH in a Parking Garage Has Been Fired


[VIDEO] Valet Who Drove a Corvette to 50 MPH in a Parking Garage Has Been Fired

If you live in Costa Mesa, California, your sports car is a little safer tonight.

The valet who took a joyride inside a parking garage that was recorded via a Corvette Stingray’s Performance Data Recorder with Valet Mode is now out of a job.

That news comes from ABC7’s WJLA who interviewed the Corvette’s owner Dan Cowles after his recording of the valet acting badly went viral.

Cowles told ABC7 that he had just received the new Corvette Stingray and this was the first time he activated the Valet Mode on the new car.

The video shows the valet taking the car into the parking garage at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa, California. Once the valet was inside, he stopped and then accelerated up to 50 mph inside the structure. While parking the car, he may have also bumped the nose against the concrete wall as we see him reverse the car and get out and check for damages.

Valet Mode comes standard on 2015 Corvette Stingray’s equipped with the Navigation and the Performance Data Recorder. Drivers can set the Valet Mode by entering a four-digit code through the center console’s touchscreen. Not only does the Valet Mode record video and telemetry while the car is in operation, but it also locks the glove box, storage compartment and turns off the stereo.


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