Mid Engine C8 Corvette to Come with Dual Clutch Auto Transmission Only


Mid Engine C8 Corvette to Come with Dual Clutch Auto Transmission Only

Photo Credit: Car & Driver

Speculation is running rampant on the Internet these days about what’s believed to be the long-dreamed-about mid-engine C8 Corvette, predicted to be a 2019 model.

Car & Driver’s Don Sherman believes the new Corvette will have just one transmission available when it comes out in less than two years – a dual-clutch automatic transmission (DCT) from Tremec.

Sherman says Tremec – which supplies the manual transmission for the C7 – decided not to reinvent the helical gear used in DCTs, so to speak, and instead just bought a company that already knew how to make such a transmission – Hoerbiger Drivetrain Mechantronics.

Hoerbiger currently provides DCT transmissions for Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari, and McLaren.

That merger has led to Tremec’s TR-9007 family of transmissions that can be provided in rear-drive, all-wheel-drive, and transaxle configurations. Car & Driver believes that spy photos of prototypes of mid-engine Corvettes show that Chevy is already testing these transaxles for drivability and durability.

The magazine says the TR-9007 should be very capable of being used in a new Corvette since Tremec engineering documents show it can handle 9000-rpm maximum input speed and 664 lb-ft of torque, both of which exceed the current C7 Z06 levels.

The new transmission, with a die-cast aluminum housing, has seven forward gears, including three overdrive ratios, and a 5.6:1 ratio spread, and is described as “virtually dry wet clutches” by Tremec.

DCTs are more efficient because their helical gears (in place of a conventional automatic’s planetary gears) create lower hydraulic and friction losses. Because torque delivery is not interrupted during upshifts, DCTs can generally accelerate faster than manual transmissions.

Car & Driver

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  1. That’s fine and everything. Beautiful vehicle. But it’s not really a corvette is it? You can call a Chevy volt a Corvette if you want. But it’s not really a Vette. Vetted are roadsters.

    2011 GrandSport.

  2. Real Corvette’s are manual transmission not sissy cars with automatic transmissions. Shift for yourself, your going backwards to 1953 when automatic was all that was available and I would not have one.

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