[SPIED] Spy Photos Capture Side View of the Mid Engine 2019 C8 Corvette


[SPIED] Spy Photos Capture Side View of the Mid Engine 2019 C8 Corvette

The views just keeps getting better and better.

Spy photographers have managed to capture new images of the mid-engine 2019 Corvette which include the best look yet at the C8 Corvette.

Once again our friends at Autoblog have the entire new set of photos so go check them out. Here is a teaser image Autoblog tweeted which is about the best of the batch:

Like the traditional mid-engine design we’ve seen from Ferrari, the front of the new C8 Corvette is very short. There appear to be vents in the front which either routes air to the engine or to the front brakes. The front has a dramatic slope as the body curves upward over the front tires. The door is free of the heavy black coverings and you can see a feature line at the bottom of the door much like the current C7s have. As of now, it doesn’t appear to be a vent behind the front tire, but only because there really is no room for one (let alone need one as the engine is now in the back).

Things get real interesting from the door openings to the rear of the car but the heavy coverings really block anything substantial. We assume there will be vents similar to the C7s on the rear quarterpanels and we expect to see some vents down behind the doors for the rear brakes or additional engine cooling.

As has been speculated earlier, the car is expected to be seen at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show before being available as a 2019 model. Chevrolet is expected to continue to offer the C7 Grand Sport and Z06 through 2021 as the automaker remakes the image of one of America’s most iconic vehicles.


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  1. I do not understand why people call it a Corvette. From both Chevrolet saying there isn’t one and Cadillac basically saying they will… this is a Cadillac… just like the R8 is a Audi not a VW.

  2. Base c8 corvette will be named manta ray, high performance c8 corvette will be named zora, with a hybrid PHEV coming soon.

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