[SPIED] The Mid-Engine Corvette Zora Exists!!!


[SPIED] The Mid Engine Corvette Zora Exists!!!

Photo Credit: autoblog

Finally, Chevrolet’s mid-engine Corvette prototype has been spotted in broad daylight, captured by a spy photographer stationed about a mile away with an extra long camera lens.

The new spy photos of the heavily camoflaged Mid-Engine Corvette just hit the internet a few minutes ago on several websites including Autoblog. As these photos are bought and paid for by these websites, go ahead and click this link to view Autoblog’s full photo gallery.

The extra-grainy photos capture the appropriately nicknamed “Zora” Corvette prototype along with a C7 Corvette on an unidentified General Motors test track, but most likely the Milford Proving Grounds. According to rumors, the Mid-Engine Corvette was only being testing at night, so whoever let the new Zora Corvette out to play during the day may have some ‘splaining to do.

So what do we see? Hard for any real details with the camo and grainy photos, but it does look like the mid-engine prototype has a wider stance than the C7 Corvette that runs along side of it. Also, we can’t help but to notice the flying buttresses that flow from the roof backwards. Kids let me tell you, nothing says supercar like flying buttresses!

There is a covering where the front quarter grille usually resides (do we even need that on a mid-engine car?) and the rear brake duct location also appears to be covered. But the doors are uncovered and you can see a definite style line much like the C7 Corvette flowing from the front to rear where those rear ducts would be.

And while it may just be the camouflage that makes those brake lights look round, maybe Chevy is looking to win some doubters back with the return of circular tail lights?

Car and Driver: Next Generation C8 Corvette to be Mid Engine Only

Photo Illustration: Nick Kaloterakis/Car and Driver

It’s amazing these shots come a day after GM announced a $290 million investment at the Corvette assembly plant. According to the press release, the additional funds (on top of the $435 million paint shop construction) will be used to “upgrade and modify the plant’s vehicle assembly operations with new technologies and processes.”

It would appear these new mid-engine photos back the rumors of a second line running at the Bowling Green Assembly PLant. And it’s also obvious that this prototype is a long way from the last spy photo which showed a heavily modified Holden Ute captured by a drone at Milford.

In a recent Car and Driver article, Technical Editor Don Sherman wrote that Chevrolet will be moving exclusively to a mid-engine design which will debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show. If that timeline holds, this mid-engine car still has plenty of time for development.


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  1. Let me see if I have this right, we have the capability to photograph stars & planets literally billions of miles away and come out crystal clear. For some unknown reason we have to settle for grainy blurry photos a hundred feet away.

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