[VIDEO] Couple Arrested After Buying Corvette Z06 with Bad Check


[VIDEO] Couple Arrested After Buying Corvette Z06 with Bad Check

Did they really think they would get away with it?

Not with the modern technology these days.

The story starts when a husband and wife named Anthony and Bethany Perno apparently convinced the crew at Reliable Chevrolet in northwest Albuquerque that they were good to pay for a $100,000-plus Corvette Z06 with a cashier’s check.

But it was all just an elaborate scam.

When the couple went to their bank to get a cashier’s check, Bethany claimed that the bank’s printer was broken and she only had a personal check.

Ding, ding, that would have been a red flag to us, but apparently some dealerships are afraid they’ll insult a big customer by refusing to accept a personal check. We wonder why they didn’t check with the bank to see if the couple had enough funds in their account to cover a check that big? But with today’s technology, maybe the dealer decided it was worth the gamble.

According to a criminal complaint filed later, the manager at the dealership did accept the check, and off went the couple in their shiny new Corvette.

A few hours later, the dealership discovered the check bounced and tried to get in touch with the couple. When calls went unanswered, the dealership disabled the vehicle through Onstar and found out where Mr. and Mrs. Perno were.

When Anthony emailed the dealership and told them the car wouldn’t crank, Reliable lived up to its name and offered a free tow back to the dealership, where police were waiting.

The Pernos apparently had the nerve to arrive at the dealer in another vehicle they had embezzled three months earlier!

They’ve now been charged with embezzlement, conspiracy, fraud, and issuing a worthless check.

With no prior criminal history, the two were released on their own recognizance by a judge on Friday.


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