[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Support Trailer From Denver’s Corvette Connection


[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Support Trailer From Denver's Corvette Connection

A couple of very bold thieves made away early Monday morning with a support trailer for the fastest street-legal Corvette in Colorado.

The trailer, with $50,000 worth of equipment inside, was parked behind Corvette Connection in Denver when the two thieves calmly backed up to it, hooked it to their truck, and then took off east on 54th Avenue in Adams County.

The thievery was all captured by video cameras around 5:38 a.m. Monday. One of the suspects’ faces can be seen, and the 1995 or 1996 Dodge pickup is also highly visible on the tape.

[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Support Trailer From Denver's Corvette Connection

Unfortunately, the truck didn’t have a license plate, but it did have some distinctive features that could help identify it, including black wheels and an unusual stripe on the left side of the front fender.

“I had a lot of time in that trailer. … Saturdays and Sundays, a lot of sweat equity, and that trailer is as personal to me as this car,” Corvette Connection owner Rich Lenhart said, adding, “We live and breathe the Corvette.”

The trailer was used to haul the “Purple Monster,” a C5 Corvette that has been customized for high speed performance.

“Zero to 156 miles per hour in 8.93 seconds,” Lenhart can be heard saying on a video while racing on a track.

Fortunately, the Purple Monster was locked inside the business, so it’s safe.

“These guys know exactly what they’re doing,” Lenhart said while watching the surveillance tape of the crime. “They have a backup camera. You can see they back straight up to the trailer.”

[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Support Trailer From Denver's Corvette Connection

Lenhart and Denver Police are hoping someone out there will recognize the getaway truck and/or the suspects and give them a call.

“With a trailer with this much logos on the back, it’s like a rolling billboard,” Lenhart said. “A very, very brazen theft.”

Let’s hope their first step wasn’t to paint the back of the trailer.


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