Harlan Charles Confirms the Return of Admiral Blue on 2017 Corvettes


Harlan Charles Confirms the Return of Admiral Blue on 2017 Corvettes

Great news for those Corvette enthusiasts who have the blues after it was announced earlier this year that Laguna Blue would be phased out of the Corvette exterior color palate in 2016. Blue is one of those colors that tends to wind up with in the middle of popular colors, so we didn’t doubt for a moment that there would be a new Blue exterior for 2017 Corvettes back in the line-up.

But then the Corvette Team had a drop the mic moment when they debuted the new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport at Geneva early Tuesday morning. That reveal was followed up with the publishing of a special 2017 Grand Sport Corvette page on Chevrolet.com and that’s where we come into the mix.

Our follow up post on Tuesday featured images pulled from Chevrolet’s website of a Blue 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. Right away, we referred to the color as Admiral Blue as it only makes sense that the color would be offered 21 years after it first made its debut on the one-year-only 1996 Corvette Grand Sport. In fact, the C7 Corvette Grand Sport on that website wears a nearly identical paint scheme to that of the 1996 GS, down to the white stripe on the hood and red hash marks on each fender.

So of course we referred to the color as Admiral Blue and decided to stay with that name until we learned what the real name would be.

This morning the return of Admiral Blue on 2017 Corvettes was confirmed by Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles who posted this on his facebook page this morning:

Harlan Charles Confirms the Return of Admiral Blue on 2017 Corvettes

The current paint shop in Bowling Green has the capacity for ten exterior colors for Corvette production. Earlier this year, Chevrolet decided to build-out four of the ten colors offered on the Corvette, meaning once they finished with what they had, they would not be painting those colors anymore. Those four colors retired were Night Race Blue, Laguna Blue, Shark Gray and Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic.

So now we have two new colors confirmed for 2017, Admiral Blue and Watkins Glen Gray Metallic, leaving two more to be confirmed if Chevy stays with that formula. As Chevrolet is offering the Watkins Glen Gray only on the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector’s Edition, it would not surprise us if they also offered an exclusive color to the Z06 model as well.

Harlan Charles/Facebook

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  1. Harlan….what seems to be the problem with you guys on Mound Rd.??? Do you boys think you could possibly come up with some NEW COLORS for chrissakes?? You revert back to the C4 blue???
    How about Lynndale blue? Or a striking medium charcoal with heavy silver metallic (not cyber grey) ….or how about a deep black with larger metallic ((like fine metal flake)…..Harlan please try and be more creative !! If you need advice…..please contact me….I know color.

  2. ……”Those four colors retired were Night Race Blue, Laguna Blue, Shark Gray and Inferno Orange.”…….While you had 3 of the 4 colors right that where retired, Inferno Orange was not one of them it actually was DSOM or Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic.

  3. Admiral Blue was an awesome color. And everything old is new again. There is nothing wrong with returning to something from the past. Good things never go out of style. Harlan and team Corvette are doing a great job!

  4. Admiral Blue was not a one year only ’96 Grand Sport color. It was available on ’94-’96 Corvettes. For ’96 it was exclusive to the Grand Sport, but was available on all Corvettes in 1994-95. A total of 56 Admiral Blue ZR-1’s were produced.

  5. Once the new paint shop is operational in the BG factory, I’m hoping to see several new (as in NEW) colors offered.

  6. How about a lambo esque orange color?
    or I seen a sunset orange house of color on
    zo6 they completely repainted it and was freaking awesome… or tangelo orange house of color
    Im a painter and the c7 vette orange has way to much black in the toners. go look at the lambo orange or the new green on the Huracans… eye candy I tell ya… Red hot on a vette would look red hot!!!

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