[VIDEO] 3,000 HP Corvette Crashes at WannaGOFAST Half-Mile Event


[VIDEO] 3,000 HP Corvette Crashes at WannaGOFAST Half-Mile Event

Pack 3,000 horsepower into a Corvette, and what do you get?

In this case, a wild and crazy half-mile competition at the WannaGOFAST event in Texas!

Fortunately for the wife of the driver, the run in what might has to rank as one of the most powerful Corvettes ever produced turned out to be just scary to watch, and not fatal.

“We thought he was gonna die one time before,” she says as it’s reported that he has rolled eight cars before. “I thought he was done this time.”

A look at this video shows the monster of a Corvette produced by Kelly Bise and KP Racing accelerating normally but near the end of the half-mile run, it loses traction slides and goes airborne for a little while when the wheels hit the grass. Fortunately, the driver manages to steer the Corvette to a safe landing, though we wonder if his pants might need a little cleaning afterwards!

We know for sure that his Corvette needs some cleaning as the video shows a lot of grass stuck in the front bumper/grille area. Also, the parachute that is attached to the back of the car where the license plate normally goes was ripped off.

Interestingly, Bise says in the video that the parachute can be removed (not by accident but by unscrewing a bolt) and the car can be driven legally on the streets, complete with air conditioning and other creature comforts – a kind of incognito beast going down the road, huh?

Also, we find out that the twin-turbo , nitrous-powered 3,000 horsepower car has a “little brother” that makes “just” 1,600 horsepower. Bise even jokes that if he loses with little brother, he can just bring out big sibling and shoot for a win and no one might not even notice since both cars are gray.

We’re just glad that no one was injured in this thrill ride of a half-mile!


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