[VIDEO] Driver Assaulted and His Corvette Stingray Nearly Carjacked in Detroit


[VIDEO] Driver Assaulted and His Corvette Stingray Nearly Carjacked in Detroit

Imagine driving your Corvette and you have the top off because it’s nice outside. You pull into a hotel parking lot to inquire about a room when suddenly your car is surrounded by a mob and your are punched in the face as they are trying to steal your Stingray.

According to a report on Fox2 Detroit, that happened to a man in Detroit over the Labor Day Weekend.

The assault and near car jacking occurred in front of the Atheneum Hotel in the Greektown area of Detroit. Police say a disturbance first started up on the 8th floor of the hotel and then spilled down into the lobby and outside. That’s when Steven Gollman and a friend pulled into the hotel’s circular drive in Steven’s Corvette Stingray. His car was surrounded by a group of up to eight men and he was punched repeatedly through his open top.

“I just so happened to look into my driver side mirror and I see a shadow. After the shadow, I just received a bunch of punches. He came from my left side, approached the vehicle and started punching me. Once my buddy finally figured out what was going on, he had guys on that (passenger) side and they got him out of the vehicle. It was history at that point,” said Steven Gollman

Video of Steven bleeding while driving off was captured on a cell phone and the reporter for Detroit’s Fox2 does a pretty good of reenacting the attack:

About the injuries he received, Steven said “Actually, I still have to go back and forth to the eye doctor. My left side was exposed, so this is the side that he attacked. I did have a shut eye. Like I said, at this point I still can’t see as well as I did before.”

The report says that video from inside the hotel may help lead to identify those that perpetrated the attack and attempted carjacking. Let’s hope they are caught and brought to justice.


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