[PIC] The Corvette American Flag Flies Again at Corvettes at Carlisle


[PIC] The Corvette American Flag Flies Again at Corvettes at Carlisle

Today at Corvettes at Carlisle, the giant hill that usually is home to Corvette club parking was instead awash in a sea of Red, White and Blue Corvettes as Corvettes at Carlisle replicated one of their most well known displays – the Corvette American Flag.

A total of 156 Corvettes were used to make the American Flag. Seven rows of red Corvettes alternated with six rows of white Corvettes while 35 Corvettes made up the blue sea with white balloons simulating the stars. A pole of silver Corvettes anchors the flag while two gold Corvettes do service as the Eagles on top of the pole.

Thanks to Carlisle’s PR guy Mike Garland, we have a photos to share of the flag which you can see a larger version by clicking here.

CorvetteBlogger’s Detroit Bureau (aka Steve Burns) is covering the three-day Corvette spectacle this weekend in Carlisle and he’s already been busy uploading photos to our page on Facebook. If you are like me and are in morning because you aren’t there, at least you can check out some pics from the event.

Tune in next week as well as we unwind the weekend with a recap and photo gallery from the event.

Mike Garland on Twitter

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