[STOLEN] 1976 Corvette Stolen in Arkansas


[STOLEN] 1976 Corvette Stolen in Arkansas

If you’re in the Arkansas area, you might want to be on the look for this stolen 1976 Corvette.

It’ll be easy to spot with its bright orange paint.

The car was stolen on the afternoon of Friday, Aug. 14, according to the Logan County (Arkansas) Sheriff’s Office.

It hasn’t been seen since that same afternoon when it may have been spotted on a trailer heading east on Arkansas State Highway 22 between New Blaine and Delaware, Arkansas.

Authorities say the Corvette is believed to have been backed onto a trailer with wooden sideboards three or four boards high and may have been towed away by an unknown vehicle that looked too small to be pulling the trailer.

If you saw such a trailer with an orange Corvette on it, Sheriff Boyd Hicks would like for you to call him immediately at 479-847-6270.

Other identifying features of the Corvette are a chrome luggage back on back and BF Goodrich TA Radial white letter tires.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for the recovery of the Corvette.


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