[Hot or NOT] Is Painting Your Michelin’s a Cool Mod for Corvette Owners?



Corvettes and white letter tires go hand and hand. Like many classic Corvette owners, my 1966 Corvette Sting Ray is wearing a set of white letter BF Goodrich Radial T/As. I think it gives it that ‘period’ look which is a bit racier in my opinion than going with a traditional white wall tire.

So when we found this Corvette Z06 with the painted Michelin’s, I feel like I get the look that the owner was trying to convey.

We assume the owner took some white wall tire paint and filled in the existing black letters on the Corvette’s Michelin tires with a small paint brush. Even the C7.R has white letter Michelins (with a blue background) so you could even make a joke about “cascade engineering” to borrow a phrase from Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan.

So I wanted to throw this out there to Corvette owners by asking one simple question about this ‘tire mod’.

Is Painting Your Michelin's a Cool Mod for Corvette Owners?

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Thanks for your vote. If you like the look of the Michelin’s with the white letters, let us know and we’ll pass on your opinions to our friends at Michelin.

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  1. Hey your tires look great are they the stock tires? Since notice the letters on the tires look big and the tires don’t have the Michelin cartoon.

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