[VIDEO] Chevrolet Mexico’s Human Cannonball vs a 2015 Corvette Z06


[VIDEO] Chevrolet Mexico's Human Cannonball vs Corvette Z06

Despite working two years for a Spanish-language radio station as my first job out of college, speaking Spanish was not a skill I was blessed with. Lucky for me then that mastery of the Spanish language was not needed to decode this new stunt video from Chevrolet Mexico featuring a human cannonball and the new 2015 Corvette Z06.

Here’s the the gist of the ad: The Corvette’s Performance Data Recorder can you make you faster on any track by recording and analyzing your driving. Between sessions, drivers can see their routes around the track in the Cosworth PDR toolbox and then make adjustments in the next session.

Using the Corvette’s PDR, engineers determine the best route around an unnamed circuit which happens to have a huge cannon parked in the middle of the track.

As the yellow Corvette Z06 goes around the circuit, it hits a trip wire that triggers the launch of the human cannonball. As the man shoots through the air, the Corvette Z06 must travel another four seconds down the track and hit another trip wire which triggers the human cannonball’s safety net just as in time.

You can watch the complete stunt here:

We’re not sure what the PDR has to do with a human cannonball, but Chevrolet Mexico knows their local region so perhaps this kind of stunt resonates with Corvette buyers in Mexico. We did think the stunt was fun and would like to see an English language version.

Chevrolet Mexico on YouTube

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