[VIDEO] Vengeance Racing Claims Fastest Corvette Z06 Title with 10.2 Second Quarter Mile Run


[VIDEO] Vengeance Racing Claims Fastest Corvette Z06 Title with 10.2 Second Quarter Mile Run

Vengeance Racing took a little trip to South Georgia Motorsports Park with their Arctic White Z06 on April 2 and, despite a few clutch problems, left with the highest speed to date of any C7 Z06.

You can check out the performance in the video below.

“Our Z had been performing great on the street, but we quickly found out that the added power and the 100+ dyno pulls have taken their toll on our stock clutch,” the driver said. “We attempted to slip the clutch out of the hole just a bit on the first run leaving around 2500RPM and the clutch went up in smoke instantly.”

They used some street driving to knock the glaze off the discs, and after an hour cool down, they gave it another try.

Vengeance Racing Claims Fastest Z06 Title with 10.2 Second Quarter Mile Run

“This method got us down the track,” the driver said, “but the clutch was still slipping enough in first gear to leave a cloud of smoke from under the car.”

Despite those problems, the Corvette still managed to run a 10.20 at 142.7 mph to become the fastest Z06 in the world. They were using 93 octane/VP M1 methanol to produce 740-750 RWHP. (By the way, their local station was out of E85/M1 Methanol that ups the RWHP to a whopping 772.)

After removing the spoilerettes for a pass, they ran a 143.2, a half mph faster than their best with them on.

“I imagine they are worth 2-3 mph in the half mile events we participate in,” the driver says.

“We will be installing an RPS carbon triple later this week and going back to the track ASAP to see the true potential of this car.”

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