[DVR ALERT] Velocity TV’s AmeriCarna Looks at Corvette Racing’s DNA From L88 to C7.R


[DRV ALERT] Velocity TV's AmeriCarna Looks at Corvette Racing's DNA From L88 to C7.R

One of the cool things about the Corvette is its long family line after 62 years of production.

For instance, take these two cars featured in an AmeriCarna video on Velocity.com.

Though they’re separated by nearly 50 years, it’s easy to tell that the 1968 Corvette L88 “gave birth” to the 2015 Corvette C7.R race car.

Before they hit the track, AmeriCarna compared a legend to its offspring, side by side.

“It’s easy to see how both cars have sleek body lines that flow into the huge fender flares that cover extra-wide racing tires,” the narrator says.

But there are differences.

Around to the rear, for example, the L88 has an old-school spoiler for downforce, while the C7.R boasts of the latest in wing design.

“Hoods? What’s a Corvette without a cool hood scoop?” the video continues. “Talk about DNA.”

Both cars have unique but functional headlamp covers, but under the hood, it’s a different story, starting with an air cleaner on the legendary 427 cubic inch carbureted L88 big block vs. a ram air box on the direct-injected 5.5-liter small block. The end result, though, is about the same amount of horsepower, the video points out.

Other differences?

The L88 has traditional external sidepipes, while aerodynamic rockers help the C7.R hide its exhaust pipes.

The L88 appears pretty stock on the inside, except for some gauges, switches, and a roll bar. Definitely low-tech compared to the C7.R’s all-business interior, with a carbon fiber racing seat and an on-board computer.

The L88 has traditional 1960s muscle-car spoiler on the front, but the C7.R keeps the front end down with a carbon fiber splitter.

Looking at the back of both cars, you see the good old GM-designed independent rear suspension and those stock-appear taillights let you know it’s a Corvette you’re following, the narrator says.

“As you can see, the new C7.R is an incredible car with much of its design DNA coming from its grandfather, the 1968 L88,” the video concludes.

We’d agree that’s some pretty good genes to have.

Watch the evolution of Corvettes on the racetrack on Velocity TV’s AmeriCarna this Tuesday, February 17th at 10:30p ET/PT.


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