[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Talks with Mike Yager at the 2014 Corvette FunFest


[VIDEO] CorvetteBlogger Talks with Mike Yager at the 2014 Corvette FunFest

On Friday afternoon at Mid America Motorworks in Effingham, IL., we had the opportunity to talk with Mike Yager about this year’s Corvette FunFest. The theme of FunFest for 2014 is Vets with Vettes and it’s a subject that hits close to Mike’s heart.

The Vets with Vettes theme is a natural one to have, Mike says, as there are a lot of veterans of our military that own Corvettes. With all the unrest in the world, it’s important to recognize and honor those that served to protect us, as well as those that are serving active-duty today.

It’s a subject that hits home with Yager as he had six older brothers who all served in the military from World War II to Korea and Vietnam. Not only that, Mike says that 8 of the 9 males in the family including two brother-in-laws all served in the armed forces. He remembers as a kid thatthat when one of his brothers would get drafted or would enlist, his mother would ask “how many sons do I have to give to the government”.

As part of the Vets with Vettes theme at Corvette FunFest, the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall has been set up on the grounds and it’s a very poignant display which really hits home to the sacrifices made to keep this country safe.

We also speak about some of the other things to see here including the cool Install Dome where Corvette owners are getting upgrades to their rides like a new exhaust or paint protection from XPEL.

Mike says “the best Corvette here is your Corvette and when people make a choice to put on a new exhaust system or a new interior, you know, that makes it better in their eyes, that always makes us happy.”

”I look around here and its truly a field of dreams. Cars everyplace, smiling people, great weather, just lots to do, and you haven’t seen anything yet” says Yager. “Tomorrow will make this look like a dress rehearsal.”

Check out our interview with Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks at the 2014 Corvette FunFest.

We thank Mike once again for putting on a great show as well as Mid America Motorwork’s continued support of CorvetteBlogger.com.

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