Calgary Police Find Betsy, the Stolen 1962 Corvette


Calgary Police Find Betsy, the Stolen 1962 Corvette
Photo Credit: Stuart Gradon/Calgary Herald

Who says the news is always bad?

For a Corvette enthusiast in Calgary, Canada, what started as a sad story wound up having a very happy ending.

We asked you a few days ago to be on the lookout for a red on red 1962 Corvette convertible that was stolen July 13 from a parking lot near Kenneth Jelley’s apartment.

At least one expert felt that Jelley would never again see the prized Corvette he had named Betsy during the past 41 years he had owned the car.

But Wednesday, Jelley got the thrill of a lifetime when police told him they had found the Corvette in a field in the De Winton area.

Jelley won’t get the car back until the CPS forensics lab gets through testing it for evidence, but he’s just happy that Betsy is safe and sound again.

“It won’t be in my hands today or tomorrow,” he said. “The point is, it’s secure.”

The quick police work drew praise from Jelley, who said the car was appraised at $35,000 about six months ago. She was priceless to him, though.

“After the first couple of days, I kind of felt like it wasn’t going to happen,” he said. “I’m delighted.”

Rest assured, Jelley will be parking his beloved Corvette in a safer place from now on.

“Then I can take it out when I want to take her for a drive, and keep her happy,” he said.

Calgary Police Find Betsy, the Stolen 1962 Corvette


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