[VIDEO] The Corvette Museum Welcomes its 3 Millionth Guest


[VIDEO] The Corvette Museum Welcomes its 3,000,000th Guest

An unassuming couple walks up to the counter on June 9 to purchase their tickets to get into the National Corvette Museum, oblivious to the fact that they are about to become a part of the museum’s storied history.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” comes the woman’s voice over the loud speaker, “announcing our 3 millionth visitor to the National Corvette Museum!”

Cheers, whoops, claps, and hollers erupt from the enthusiastic crowd that had gathered behind Brandon, the lucky visitor, and his partner, Amy, both from Nashville, Tenn.

“We were going to come last Monday,” Amy explains, “but he had to work so we decided to come today instead.”

“We saw there was a huge crowd of people,” Brandon continues. “We’re like, we should’ve got tickets earlier.”

Amy laughs and says she texted Brandon while he was in the restroom and told him, “wow, now we have to wait in line to get our tickets!”

That wait was certainly worth it, though, as the couple received a trunkful of prizes, including a one-year membership to the National Corvette Museum, gift certificates at the Corvette Store and Café, free admission, and a Flint Brick from the factory where the 1953 was built.

So continues one of the most eventful periods in NCM history, what with the sinkhole, the 20th anniversary celebration and the unveiling of the Motorsports Park coming in August, and the introduction (and delivery at the museum for many lucky customers) of the award-winning C7.

As the closing credits of this YouTube video roll, up flashes a final message from the NCM, with a 1953 model in the foreground: “To all 3 million of you, thank you.”

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