Son Gives Dad a Life-Sized 1954 Corvette in a Box for Retirement


Son Gives Dad a life-sized 1954 Corvette in a Box for Retirement

We’ve all heard of trailer queens, but this might be the ultimate!

Chris Graff decided to give his father Hank a very unique retirement gift: a boxed Corvette. But this wasn’t a 1/25 scale model in a box; this was a real 1954 Corvette on a trailer with a custom-made 8.5-foot-tall by 24-foot-long box built around it that makes it appear as if the Jolly Green Giant has a new toy to play with.

The public got their first glimpse of the the boxed-car in person at the Graffs’ Chevy dealership during their Festival of Corvettes in Davison, Michigan. It’ll also be on display at the June 20-24 Back to the Bricks Michiana promo tour, July 11-12 gathering in Mt. Pleasant and Aug. 12-16 signature events in Genesee County.

“We fell in love with a car box and we thought we’d build a car box at one point and time. That transformed from a trailer to a box to move a car around in,” said Tom Kelly, the dealership’s special projects manager. “We hated the feeling of going to a car show and having to cancel because of the weather.”

When a 1954 Corvette was traded in at the dealership, they began a seven-month restoration that Hank didn’t realize was actually going to wind up being a retirement gift for him from his son.

“We built the car that Chevrolet would have loved to build had they had the technology back then that we have today,” Kelly said.

The box features a life-size photo of the car’s rear end on the back with operating tail lights and Hank’s photo. A neat feature is a graphic that points out the “toy” is for ages 16+ since you have to have a license to drive it! It also promises “real rubber tires” and “functional steering,” among other features.

The box takes on a really cool look at night when LED lights from above and below put the Corvette in the spotlight.

“As handsome as it is in the daylight and unique as it is, it is amazing when it sets out on display for the evening hours,” Kelly said.

The life-sized toy box is already drawing a lot of attention, having made its public debut last weekend at Back to the Bricks in Cadillac, where it was the subject of many double takes and subsequent photos.



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