[VIDEO] Man Surprises Parents With a 2008 Corvette


[VIDEO] Man Surprises Parents With a 2008 Corvette

For months, Josh Spencer had picked his dad’s brain about what kind of dream Corvette he would like to have when he finally bought one.

Little did Dad know that Josh was just trying to make sure he bought the absolute perfect Corvette for his father.

“For years I wanted to do something, but unfortunately wasn’t able to afford it,” Josh blogged. “However, over the past 5 years my Beachbody Coach business has increased so much that not only has it given my family and I complete financial freedom, but it has allowed me to do some things for the people I care about most, my friends and family.”

Take a look at this video as Josh surprises his mom and dad with their “perfect” C6 Corvette, black on black, as they think he is just bringing them along to pick up his own 2014 Stingray he’s been talking about for months.

His dad is completely shocked after Josh walks over to the 2008 Corvette, giftwrapped with a red bow, and hands him a card that had been on the windshield. Once she realizes what is happening, his mom bursts into tears as his dad continues to ask if the car is really theirs.

“My parents mean the world to me,” Josh writes. “They have done so much for me over the years and are a major reason why I am where I am today with my family life, business, and health. They have brought me up to care about others, put family first, give back, live with integrity, but yet be strong, independent, and to always push hard for my goals and dreams.”

Josh and his parents had cruised around town with each other for years – Josh and his family in his 2011 BMW Z4 and his parents in their BMW 1M.

“Back in July I decided that I was going to get rid of the Z4 and purchase a 2014 Corvette Stingray and thought to myself how cool it would be if they had a Corvette as well so that we can put our cars in car shows and even join a Corvette Club together. That’s when I started picking dad’s brain to see exactly what kind of car he wanted.”

If you want to experience one of the greatest feelings that you can ever feel in your life, Josh says, do something for something without expecting anything in return. Truly incredible.

“Purchasing a Corvette C6 for my parents was truly an awesome experience and moment,” he says, “and I know that we will all enjoy our cars together as much as we possibly can. It’s just one more thing that brings our family closer together.”


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