[VIDEO] 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe is One of a Kind


[VIDEO] 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe is One of a Kind

They call it a 1961 Kelly Corvette Coupe.

But if it didn’t say Corvette on the door panels, you probably wouldn’t think it had any connection at all to the Chevrolet sports car.

The Kelly is built on a chassis from a 1959 or 1960 Corvette, but you wouldn’t know that from a casual glance. The only thing that might tip you off to the Corvette connection is the C2-inspired instrument panel.

The car was designed by Gordon Kelly for Vignale to appear in the 1961 Paris Salon de l’Automobile.

The styling has held up remarkably well to be 50 years old, with the dramatic front grille looking similar to the Pontiac Solstice of recent years and the rounded rear end complete with curved glass and solid rubber bumper blocks looking similar to a Porsche 944.

A reporter for the Jalopnik website discovered the unique car for his first time at Art Center College of Design’s annual car show in Pasadena.

Top transportation designers, car collectors and auto enthusiasts of all kinds converged at Art Center College of Design’s Car Classic on Sunday, October 27. The daylong celebration of all things automotive taught guests more about the people who design the cars we love and explored the many ways nature and our everyday surroundings inspire technology, safety, transportation and personal mobility.

According to Art Center’s website:

“Car Classic serves each year as a reminder that behind every beautifully designed car is an innovative and talented designer—one most likely educated at Art Center College of Design. For more than 10 years, Art Center’s Car Classic event has examined automotive culture and vehicle architecture through the lens of design. More than just another high-profile car show, this popular public event celebrates the very best in automotive design, showcasing the College’s strong ties to industry and honoring many of our noteworthy alumni.”


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