Corvette Repair’s Kevin Mackay Shows Off His See-Thru Corvettes


Corvette Repair's Kevin Mackay Shows off His See-Thru Corvettes

Kevin Mackay is well known within the Corvette hobby for his ability to seek and find rare historical Corvettes and then restore them to like new condition. Although best known for finding the 1960 Briggs Cunningham Corvette that won its class in the 1960 24 Hours of Le Mans, he also found the ‘Rebel’ L88 Corvette racer that will be sold at Barrett-jackson early next year.

During Bloomington Gold, Mackay had three of his see-thru Corvette creations on display. The 1969 L88 and the 1965 Big Block have all been featured before and we also see the XP-819 rear engine concept owned by Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks.

The idea for the street-legal see-thru Corvette came from Mackay wanting to push the envelope in terms of showing the work his shop Corvette Repair in Valley Stream, NY is capable of. But it also serves as a teaching vehicle, showing the parts that are normally obscured by body panels and how they all work.

On driving the see-thru Corvettes, Mackay says “It’s quite noisy. It rattles, there is no insulation.” Of course, the L88 has open headers so yes, we imagine it is quite loud.

We are unable to embed the video featuring Kevin and his see-thru Corvettes, so head over to to watch the video.

Corvette Repair's Kevin Mackay Shows off His See-Thru Corvettes


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