[VIDEO] Kevin Mackay’s 1969 L88 “See-Thru-Corvette”


[VIDEO] Kevin Mackay's 1969 L88 See-Thru-Corvette

Corvette Repair’s Kevin Mackay has restored a few famous L88 Corvettes over the years and like any artist, he likes to show off his work. When he came across a 1969 L88 Corvette languishing at a machine shop, he knew he wanted to do something completely different to showcase the work he and his Valley Stream, NY shop is famous for. That plan called for creating a fully functional street legal L88 – with no body.

Mackay has done similar products before in his 20 years of restoration. There was the 1967 427/435 Drivable Chassis, the 1966 427/425 Suspended Body Corvette and the 1968 L88 Sunray DX Cutaway Corvette. And now he calls his latest creation the 1969 L88 “See Thru Corvette”.

The crew went right to work on the Corvette, completely restoring it with the exception of the body panels. The L88 was rebuilt and it dyno’d at 480 hp.

Because the Corvette has no body, he fabricated special brackets to hold all the components to make the car street legal. This meant that all the lights, turn signals, brakes and the horn had to be working so the car could pass the New York state inspection for registration.

Because the brackets he fabricated are attached to the birdcage, the chassis remains 100% stock.

Kevin plans to hit the show circuit with The See Thru Corvette which will culminate in the Corvette being judged for the NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Gold and the Triple Crown awards.

Here is a quick video of Kevin cruising in the 1969 L88 “See Thru Corvette” at the Greenwich Concours:

Photo Credit: Hot Rod

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